Causes and Symptoms of Razor Burn

symptoms of razor burnRazor burn is generally known as an uncomfortable skin disorder that makes people feel unpleasant, which generally occurs while shaving the unwanted hair on your body parts such as, your face, legs, or other parts of your body. It has been plagued mankind for thousands of years. Common Symptoms of razor burn may consist of marking the Red spot, Stinging or itching your skin or Bumps.

It has been found in the research that People having sensitive skin are highly in the risk of facing this problem and make them more susceptible to razor burn.

Archaeologists have discovered that Many prehistoric cave paintings represent clean-shaven men, and the practice of removing body hair. It is estimated that this practice has been running since 3,000 BC.

Nowadays, 99 percent of people remove unwanted hair. Shaving is the most common technique of hair removal, followed by plucking. Other procedures of removing unwanted hair consist of electrolysis, laser removal, waxing, and chemical depilatories.

Causes and Symptoms of Razor Burn

The most common cause of Razor burn occurs when skin is displaced badly. Also, when the hair follicle is twisted and pulled by the scraping action of the razor blade, the symptoms of razor burn may be seen as well. The following reasons can cause razor burn:

  • shaving without using a lubricant, such as soap and water or shaving cream
  • using an old razor
  • using shaving products that irritate your skin
  • shaving against the direction of your hair
  • shaving too quickly
  • using a razor that’s clogged with hair, soap, or shaving cream
  • shaving a single area too many times

How to Get Rid of Razor Burn

The superlative way to fight with razor burn is to keep it away in the first place. A number of simplest methods may protect or reduce razor burn. For example:

  • Clean the skin properly before shaving
  • Make the hair and skin wet before shaving
  • Replace your razor blade regularly
  • Shave in the direction hair grows
  • Don’t shave in opposite or irregular direction
  • Mildly pat the skin dry after shaving
  • Apply a skin moisturizer after shaving

Dermatologists recommend for the replacement a razor blade after five to seven times shaving.

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