How To Prevent Razor Burn?

preventing of razor burnAfter shaving there is nothing worse than getting a burn – a common skin irritation that occurs after shaving. Irritation may occur on any part of your body, from your face to the underarms or to the pubic region. But there are ways to avoid this nasty and unpleasant States. Follow the steps below, you will be able to reduce the effects of burn and occurrence of skin irritation after shaving.

Use a new razor: With frequent use, the razor blades become dull and appear bacteria – two problems that increase the irritation. Change your razor every two weeks, or 5 uses and properly clean it after each use.

Shave in the right direction: Shave in the direction of hair growth gently. Shaving against the growth increases the number of ingrown hairs, irritation and burning effect of the skin. Long movements cause strong pressure on the skin, which also increases the risk of burns.

Shave at night: Shaving the hair in the morning typically precedes the application of any skin – for example, deodorant after shaving your underarms. Also, during the day, you’re more likely to sweat and contact with different bacteria that live in the air. The combination of these factors with your freshly shaved face greatly increases the chances of irritation. To avoid this, shave just before going to sleep in your bed are unlikely to be pathogens and irritation.

Shave in the shower: Even after you have moistened the skin for shaving, your hairs were not soft enough. Take a hot shower and shave after a few minutes; the steam and moisture will soften the hairs and then remove them easier. Don’t wait too long, as if waiting from more than 10 minutes, after shaving, drying and cooling, leave a little stubble.

Regularly clean the shaver: If you don’t shave rinsing the blade, the risk of burns increases. If the razor blade will be a lot of hairs, you will strengthen pressing on the skin to proprivate hairs, which can cause cuts or skin irritation. Rinse your razor after each use when you spend with a razor along the skin to clean the clogged hair.

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