Manual Removal of Unwanted Hair for Beginners

unwanted hair removal for beginnersThe problem of unwanted hair are familiar for every woman. Someone already chose the right method of hair removal, and someone is always looking and waiting for new safe and painless techniques. Most of these procedures can be divided into 3 large groups: shaving, depilatory cream and waxing. There is no universal method of hair removal, which would suit all. When choosing you need to consider so many factors. Brief facts about each of the methods described below will help you to decide.


Shaving is the most popular method of hair removal. When moving sharp blades on the skin surface, the hairs are cut as close to the skin. This is probably the most simple, inexpensive and relatively quick method of hair removal. The disadvantages of shaving are also available: a sharp blade when contact with skin may cause unnoticed microtrauma. These microdamages can appear unpleasant sensations of the skin after shaving can blush, sometimes even a rash, otherwise known as “razor burn”. Since the razor only cuts the hair without affecting the hair follicle, the effect of the hair is very short. Despite these obvious drawbacks, many women prefer this method of hair removal.

Hair Removal Cream

A similar analogue of the modern depilatory creams existed 5000 years ago. The composition of ancient creams for depilation included such dangerous ingredients like quicklime and arsenic! Fortunately, since then the technology of hair removal has leaped forward, and today’s creams are absolutely safe. Unlike razors, hair removal cream keeps skin smooth up to 4 days (the period depends on the individual characteristics of the skin).


In Ancient Egypt they knew about the effectiveness of this method for hair removal. The Egyptians used the gummy, thick and viscous mass, made of sugar and resin of a lemon tree. In the present waxing involves removing the hair from the root, so that the skin can remain smooth for up to 4 weeks.

At first glance, each of the methods of hair removal is very effective. You can choose any of the above methods of hair removal, but if your skin agree with your choice? Everything is relative, so if until now you only used the razor, I suggest you to pay attention to other modern methods of hair removal. Only by trial and error you can find the perfect method of hair removal.

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